Dr. Eric Yuri Reznik
Dr. Eric Yuri ReznikClinical Forensic Psychologist, TxMA Founder
Dr. Eric Yuri Reznik holds a Psy.D. in clinical and forensic psychology from Albizu University (formally Miami Institute of Psychology) and has experience of 35 years in the field. He is a clinical director of BeWell Rehabilitation and Counseling Group and holds a rank of a Master in Saminchilu Martial Arts. He has published three books including Therapeutic Martial Arts. Dr. Reznik has taught in multiple colleges and universities since 1998 and currently he is an adjunct faculty at Barry University. Between 2001 and 2007, Dr. Reznik was inducted into Eastern International Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
Renan Dieppa
Renan DieppaLMHC. Clinical Director at Broward Center for Mental Health
Renan O. Dieppa, LMHC holds a Master’s degree, Clinical Psychology at Carlos Albizu University – Miami Campus.
He is skilled in: Clinical Supervision, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Adolescents, Mental Health Counseling, Psychological Assessment, CBT, Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology, DBT, Post Traumatic Stress, Dual Diagnosis, Play Therapy. He worked in crisis unit providing emergency evaluations to inmates in distress. Monitored inmates during their confinement period at the institution. Provided individual and group therapy in outpatient and inpatient settings. He provided individual and group therapy to patients attending psychosocial rehabilitation program. His Martial Arts Training includes Brazilian Ju-Jitsu with Carlson Gracie, Muay Thai Boxing, Saminchilu, and Kali-Eskrima.

Board Members

John Giordano
John GiordanoCCJS, MAC, CAP. Honorary Doctor of Human Letters from Sinai University in Jerusalem Israel
John Giordano is an expert in the treatment of addiction and mental health. Over 35 years of Pioneering Science-Based Holistic Treatments in Addiction Recovery and Mental Health. He is a founder of the National Institute of Holistic Addiction Studies (NIFHAS). He is the author of several books and has contributed to over 73 publications related to addiction and recovery. Over twenty years ago Giordano founded the prestigious G&G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center in North Miami Beach, Florida – a 62 bed in-patient/out-patient facility. As a 10th-degree black belt in Nisei Goju Ryu and National Karate Champion, he also trains law enforcement officers and Green Berets in self-defense and negotiation techniques.