International Therapeutic Martial Arts Association

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What is the ITMAA?

ITMAA is an association that organizes and combines programs, schools, organizations that apply Martial Arts to assists those who have psychological, emotional, and physical difficulties. ITMAA creates a forum where practitioners can share knowledge, resources, and experiences in providing instructions and serve those who are psychologically and physically disadvantaged.

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ITMAA will set a standard in achieving highest ideals and professionalism among practitioners with a therapeutic mindset in providing instruction and service bridging traditions and techniques of Martial Arts with psychological, medical, and social application.

ITMAA will create training programs to certify practitioners that specialize in specific therapeutic modality, which will include clinical mental health, medicine, social work, and physical and occupational therapy.

ITMAA will create a forum of Therapeutic Martial Arts practitioners to share and promote ideas, expertise, and activities..

ITMAA will involve in academic and clinical research, studying therapeutic and clinical aspects of martial arts and its application. Research will be published in national and international journals.

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